20th International Congress of Personal Construct Psychology in Sydney


2013_icpcp_dinner_2From 18th to 20th of July the 20th International Congress of Personal Construct Psychology (ICPCP) took place in Sydney, Australia.  Compared to the EPCA conference in Dublin in 2012 and to the last ICPCP I attended in 2009 in Venice this conference was quite small – about 60 participants. This was certainly due to Australia being a distant location for the European and American PC psychologists. Despite the long trip to Sydney and the ever-present struggles to get a travel funding in academics it was worth it. Not only was the city and its surrounding a great place to explore. Also, the PCP community was as open, inviting and supporting as I had already experienced it on previous conferences, which made it a again great event to attend.

My contributions to the conference were a paper on a new approach to clustering repertory grids I presented together with Prof. Richard C. Bell (abstractslides) and a workshop on OpenRepGrid and Friends (abstract, slides). OpenRepGrid is an Open Source R package for the analysis of repertory grid data. In the workshop I outlined the philosophy and  basics of the software and also offered previews of two new developments: a web-based graphical user interface for OpenRepGrid and a software for automated grid administration (a project together with Matthias Kaulartz). I am looking forward to the next EPCA conference in Brno in the Czech Republic in 2014 and hope that these projects will have matured sufficiently until then to go live.


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