1st EduHack at Bremen University – a hackathon for educational software


From Friday to Sunday (8.-10. January) the first EduHack will take place at Bremen University.  EduHack is a weekend hackathon with a nice atmosphere (live DJ etc.) focusing on the development of educational software. Anyone who is interested is welcome (no previous enrollment necessary). The goal is to develop prototype software versions for several ideas during these three days. Participants are free to join existing projects or start a new own project. A list of existing projects and extensive information about EduHack can be found on this blog post from Prof. Dr. Karsten Wolf, who will host the hackathon. Some examples:

  • DataGotchi-types. Hand-held data collection devices for gathering process data on almost anything. Projects: iPhone DataGotchi and a World of Warcraft DataGotchi AddOn.
  • PS3 & Little Big Planet: Design of an educational Little Big Planet stage to take part in the $50 K challenge (see DML Competetition website).
  • Adobe Flex and Air E-Assessment extravaganza. Rich E-Assessment Item framework in Adobe Flex framework and a fitting editor for creating items with this framework running on Adobe AIR.
  • Digital story telling. How to use Web 2.0 to support digital story telling.
  • Educasting and social blogging workout. Pimp up the new Uni Bremen blogfarm running BuddyPress to support the new e-General Study program starting Summer 2010.
  • DiagnosticaR. Mashing R, Sweave/LaTeX and probably some web framework to create an educational diagnostic tool.
  • Your project.  …

The EduHack will start at 10 a.m. in building GW2 Room A4100 (4. Floor). Please feel free to join or drop by to have a look. You may also watch the livestream at http://www.livestream.com/educamptv.

More info


Als kleiner Round-up hier eine Video-Doku über den Edu-Hack.


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